Advanced Print Output




EFI Fiery Central integrates multiple Fiery driven digital printers, and other select printers, into a unified print production system. EFI Fiery Central uses common, intuitive visual user interface, common prepress tools and communicates with business management systems.

EFI Fiery Central:

• becomes a production workflow integration hub
• produces work faster and more cost-effectively
• combines print resources and control up to 12 printers for efficient production
• centralizes output management to improve digital print production capacity, turnaround, and productivity
• uses certified, industry-standard job definition format (JDF) integration to cut costs by enabling end-to-end business workflow automation from ordering to production
• helps you be more competitive by offering new products and services


Using personalization for direct mail, invitations, tickets, postcards, calendars, business cards, versioned brochures, and customised communications helps businesses increase response rates and capture new customers.

Commercial printers as well as print and service providers wanting to produce professional one-to-one documents cannot pass the PrintShop Mail Suite by. This powerful VDP solution makes printing any versioned or personalized marketing piece a breeze.