Mobile Printing and Sharing



Ricoh Print&Share is a combination of a virtual printer driver and an application software.

This printer driver can be installed alongside the classic printer driver of the printer manufacturer. The classic printer driver functions acts as a translator/interpreter between Windows 'language' on your pc and printer 'language'. The virtual printer, on the other hand, functions more as a tool to execute your tasks.

In other words: the virtual printer driver functions as a buffer between your computer and your ordinary printer driver, and it allows you to perform more advanced tasks with your print job.

Print&Share is a multi-fuctionalmulti-channeled and intelligent virtual printer driver with many useful tools.

Saving you time and money. 
The ECO features reduce print costs by saving paper, ink or toner and help the environment at the same time




The Ricoh App for Google Cloud Print opens up your Ricoh printers and MFPs to receive print submissions via Google’s Cloud Print service.

Activated through a one-time installation for compatible Ricoh machines, the app enables users to send print requests to them from any device and from any location.

With the Ricoh App, employees no longer require a fixed connection to a printer or your organisation’s network. Using Google Cloud Print, print requests can be submitted from any device with an internet link, including Wi-Fi as well as a mobile data connection.

This enables greater employee mobility, and can support secure bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives within your organisation.

By linking your printers and MFPs to Google Cloud Print, you can:

  • Support a mobile workforce
  • Enable employees to work from a wider range of devices
  • Save time by avoiding complex and time-consuming driver installation and maintenance
  • Expand your print capabilities without the need for significant infrastructure investment

The Ricoh App for Google Cloud Print supports all basic print features, such as black and white and colour printing, multiple copies, page fitting options and selected page ranges.

FlexRelease CX makes it easy to extend access to your printer infrastructure to mobile workers using almost any device, including smartphones, tablets and other portable technology, without needing to install and update drivers.

Using Ricoh’s cloud platform, users can securely submit print tasks regardless of where they are located, using either a Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection. FlexRelease offers a total of four ways to print: via email, using Ricoh’s app for Apple devices, through a browser-based web portal or using a driver for Windows-based PCs. All document data is automatically protected using industry-leading 256-bit encryption.

By providing a more flexible, efficient and intuitive way for mobile workers to access the documents they need, you can increase productivity and support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives.

Our dedicated cloud platform enables you to quickly and cost-effectively increase the number of Ricoh printers that are connected with FlexRelease. A single device license enables users to submit unlimited print requests to that device without incurring any further costs.

  • Offer more flexible, convenient access to printer resources for mobile workers
  • Allow direct cloud printing from mobile, tablet and non-Windows devices
  • Protect documents with automatic 256-bit encryption of all data sent and received
  • Easily scale up document resources with simple per-device licensing system

Ricoh’s free Smart Device Connector app provides an easier and faster way to send documents for printing and collect scanned images using your Apple or NFC-compatible Android-based smart device.

With the app installed on your smart device, you can quickly establish a secure connection with a compatible Ricoh multifunction printer without the need to register your smart device or join your organisation’s network.

Using an Apple smart device, you can make a direct WiFi connection with the printer simply by scanning a unique QR code on the printer. Similarly, swiping an Android device with NFC technology enables a direct connection to be made.

You can then carry out a wide range of tasks directly from your smart device, such as submitting documents for printing, scanning copies of documents directly to your smart device or mailbox and sending faxes via the MFP.

For even greater simplicity, you can utilise the address book in your smart device to send copies of documents and fax messages directly to your contacts.




e-BRIDGE Print & Capture is an application that will allow you to print and scan on a Toshiba e-STUDIO MFP from your mobile device. You can seach an e-STUDIO MFP in your network, pick one from a list of your most recently used MFPs or select your MFP by scanning the displayed QR code. When printing you can even change settings such as finishing or colour options. Our MFPs can also scan a document directly to a cloud service so that you can retrieve it from there at a later stage. Combined with e-BRIDGE Re-Rite this app turns your mobile device into an powerful OCR tool. Simply take a picture and have it automatically converted into an editable format of your choice. You can seach an e-STUDIO MFP in your network, pick one from a list of your most recently used MFPs or select your MFP by scanning the displayed QR code. Download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.



Initiate document workflow from your mobile device

Using an e-form on a mobile device, your employees will be able to capture data and information in the field. Forms can be sent back to the home office as soon as a connection is available. Once the information is received, automated processes like confirmation emails or billing system updates are triggered. The automation possibilities are endless.

Free yourself of pre-defined templates.

Our customisable design gives you the flexibility to format your way. Use data from your system to design your own HTML documents free of pre-set constraints, and distribute them to people in the field. What's more, it's possible to brand everything to your corporate image, including the mobile application.

Host your own information

With Capture OnTheGo, your data is not stored in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about a third party hosting sensitive information. It works within any environment because you can mold it to your own business processes, not the other way around.