Our Services

Remote Monitoring & Helpdesk


At UK Office Systems Ltd we have made significant investment in new technologies and can provide a proactive service to our Customers. Our dedicated team of support experts will, among other things, collect automated meter readings and pre-empt any potential Equipment issues.

Service Support


Due to the importance of your Digital Copier/Printer/Scanner Systems, the Service Cover is a very important part of your Business decision. Our main strength is in looking after our Customers and we are proud of our Services record and reputation. 

Leasing Equipment


Photocopier leasing is a flexible way of funding the purchase of multi-function devices such as printers or photocopiers.

Leasing a Photocopier or Multi-Function device will provide tax relief benefits, and improves cash-flow by spreading your costs.

Additionally, our flexible leasing options usually allow you to upgrade your devices by using or extending your existing lease agreement. This presents a clear advantage over purchasing devices outright that depreciate in value over time. 

If you have an Established Business with a good credit history, then Photocopier leasing will almost certainly be an option and very beneficial for cash flow!



Additionally, if you're moving premises, we can organise the movement of your equipment to fit your schedule - anywhere in the UK.

Print Audit Service


Would you like to have an audit of your total printing and copying costs? An Audit that includes each and every machine your Company uses? We are experienced Auditors. We can provide you with a complete overview of the true costs of maintaining your current print and copy services.

Conducting a Print Audit can cut your printing costs over the short and long term. Research shows that 90% of businesses do not even track print and copy costs. A recent study also suggests that Companies who do can save between 10-30% percent on recurrent spending.