Ricoh Pro C7200



To stay ahead, you need performance and value with no compromise, which the Ricoh Pro C7200s Series
delivers. The high speed, four colour digital presses deliver outstanding image quality, ease of use and high productivity at an affordable price.The Ricoh Pro C7200s Series incorporates a number of advances, including a super-sized touchscreen
operation panel, enabling you to access the full machine configuration, including tray settings, at the touch
of a screen. With no compromise on speed at all paper weights, the ability to print on a wider range of
media including textured card, metallic paper and carbonless paper, the Pro C7200s Series produces a look and feel comparable to offset.

Outstanding image quality

Ricoh’s new production printers produce repeatable colour output with a look and feel that is comparable to offset. The imaging system employs VCSEL technology (vertical cavity surface emitting lasers), ultra-fine PxP chemical toner and an oil-less fusing system to produce beautifully rendered outputs.
The PxP toner has a wide colour gamut, enabling the printers to produce vivid lifelike colours with smooth tonal gradation.
• Print quality that is comparable to offset.
• Vivid lifelike colours, smooth tonal gradation and fine lines.
• Low toner pile height minimises glossiness.
• Precise front/back registration with added automatic quality control.

UltraChrome XD Inks

These pigmented inks are water resistant and print on a wide
range of media including gloss and matte paper , and ar e suitable
for short-term outdoor use such as banners, construction
fieldwork drawings and GIS material.

Productive performance

Production printing operations require reliable and productive technology that allows you to produce high quality print outputs at an affordable cost. Bring more of your print in-house and gain more control over your print outputs.
• Print speeds run at 85 or 95ppm (A4).
• Full engine speed maintained at all paper weights.
• Auto duplex long sheet printing up to 700mm. Simplex up to 1260mm.
• Trained operator replaceable units for ultimate uptime.
• Easy jam removal with animated guidance and LED lights.
• To maintain productivity, paper and toner can be replenished on the fly.
• Tray switching, twin stackers and print scheduling feature support out of hours production.

Extensive media support

The Pro C7200s Series supports media weights of 52 to 360gsm at full rated speed
and will print onto a wide variety of stock, including gloss and matt coated offset media, textured card and carbonless paper.
Further expanding the range of potential applications, the new production printers
also support duplex printing on media up to 700mm and long sheet stock up to 1260mm in simplex.
The onboard media library, which contains automated settings for a variety of
branded media types, simplifies set-up and ensures reliable performance.
• Support media weight of 52 to 360gsm.
• Gloss and matt coated media, textured card, envelopes and carbonless paper.
• Extensive onboard media library contains settings for a variety of branded media.
• New media management tool (MMT) allows settings to be shared between devices.
• Optional decurl unit eliminates curl associated with short grain and lightweight media.

Tailored to your needs

The new systems can be tailored to meet all your production needs. With a modular concept you can add a variety of inline feed and finishings options to meet your workflow demands. The optional vacuum feed LCTS supports a broad range of media, including media up to 360gsm.
Finishing options include a high capacity stacker, staple finisher, a booklet maker and trimmer unit, a multifolding unit that supports six fold patterns, a high capacity interposer, a GBC StreamPunch, inline ring and perfect binding systems and a professional Plockmatic booklet making system.
• New inline finishing systems also include a GBC StreamWire and a long sheet stacker cart.
• Three vacuum feed LCTs can be attached, expanding the paper capacity.
• Ring bind and perfect binding options allow you to streamline your output.
• A six fold pattern multifolding unit allows you to fold print jobs inline ready for insertion.
• Twin stackers collate production ready for distribution.
• A plockmatic booklet making system produces neatly creased and trimmed booklets.

Multi-platform support

In the production market, every clients, workflow is different. To meet different
requirements the Pro C7200s Series support a variety of Digital Front Ends.
Ricoh’s integrated GWNX controller provides PCL 5c/6 print functionality as standard and Adobe Postscript 3 is offered as an upgrade option.
To support clients with Fiery workflows, powerful EFI print servers are available.
Based on the new Fiery FS300 Pro system software, the colour Digital Front Ends E-85A and E-45A lever the latest Fiery technology enhancements to deliver a fast performance and outstanding colour out of the box. The new Fiery Digital Front Ends include powerful tools to make expert colour adjustments, plus job make-ready and automation enhancements for greater workflow efficiency.
The Ricoh TotalFlow Print Server R-62A provides an alternative Adobe PDF Print Engine™ based Digital Front End for clients looking to connect to an existing third party pre-press workflow or for those that have requirements for IPDS and AFP support. Optional onboard TotalFlow make-ready tools also means it can address corporate print room requirements.
• Integrated GWNX controller provides PCL 5c/6 print functionality as standard.
• Adobe PostScript 3 option available for clients who print PDF documents.
• TotalFlow Print Server offers excellent integration to third party pre-press workflow solutions.
• DFE functions can be managed via the integrated 17 inch colour operation panel.

TotalFlow Print Server

The TotalFlow Print Server offers an Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) based Digital
Front End perfect for corporate print rooms or commercial print environments handling either PDF or IPDS / AFP data streams (option).
For corporate print room environments, clients can add optional onboard make-ready tools powered by Ricoh’s TotalFlow Prep offering a highly functional and visual application for imposition, composition and page level editing.
For commercial print environments, clients can connect to existing pre-press workflows (Kodak Prinergy, Agfa Apogee and Heidelberg Prinect) using industry standard JDF technology enabling seamless integration and bi directional feedback on job status. The choice of Kodak or Heidelberg APPE Rip technology also offers
rendering integrity versus CTP output.

TotalFlow Prep

TotalFlow Prep provides a highly functional, easy to use make-ready application for corporate print rooms and
copy shops.
TotalFlow Prep offers powerful tools for imposition,composition, scanned copy correction, page level editing
and more. Repeat tasks and jobs can be automated via hot folders and traditionally complex tasks such as adding
tabs, bleed edge tabs and sub-set finishing can quickly be added, previewed and managed for output with ease.

TotalFlow Production Manager

TotalFlow Production Manager offers a complete job management solution for corporate print rooms
and copy shops where there is the requirement to manage and queue jobs for output across multiple
engines or where there are large quantities of jobs to manage to meet challenging schedules and deadlines.
TotalFlow Production Manager allows job status, job priority and media libraries to be managed from a
single solution complete with optional advanced imposition and integrated pre-flight.
TotalFlow Production Manager and TotalFlow Prep can be used with a variety of Digital Front Ends including Ricoh GWNX, TotalFlow Print Server and EFI Fiery and a custom connector offers connectivity to third
party solutions.

Tailored to your needs

  • Print Speeds of 111 & 136 Pages Per Minute
  • Paper Sizes up to SRA3/Banner Printing
  • Broad media handling, supporting media from 40 -350gsm up to 700mm
  • A wide choice of finishing options taliored to your production needs

  • Paper capacity up to 12,650 sheets for extended print runs
  • New high capacity interposer to simplify production and increase productivity
  • Support paper weights from 52 to 400gsm
  • Capable of duplex printing on up to 400gsm media