Scanning Solutions


eCopy ShareScan is an MFP document capture solution that enables users to engage their business systems and processes at the point of capture through a simple, engaging and interactive interface that delivers superior value to customers.

  •  Capture: data and documents are captured via your MFD.
  •  Process: eCopy ShareScan recognises your document and allows you to enhance, extract, batch or convert the captures data
  •  Collaborate: with virtually and backend systems (emails, folders, FTPs, Document Management Systems, Cloud Storage…)

Key Features and Benefits:

  •  Work faster and enhance your productivity
  •  Easy to use and Secure
  •  Share and Collaborate
  •  Do more with Digital documents
  •  Scalable and Customisable




Nuance AutoStore is a server-based application which orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper and electronic documents from MFDs, smartphones or PCs into business applications. It is well suited for organizations of any size wanting to eliminate error prone manual document handling.

  • Capture: paper and electronic documents can be captured from virtually any source, AutoStore works with all leading copiers, smartphones, scanners and MFPs, making it easy to introduce new devices.
  • Process: all types of documents can be processed into a variety of formats (such as PDF or Word). Easy to use image enhancing features help improve document quality. Process using OCR, barcode, image management, document services and document conversion to make your network smarter.
  • Route: deliver documents instantly to one or more location including PCs, fax, line of business applications, email, FTP sites, network folders, archives and document management systems.

Key Features and Benefits:

  •  Flexibility: capture heterogeneous date from any input device
  • Productivity: smart workflows are easy to configure and to roll out
  • Security: stop the unauthorised flow of sensitive information and secure a tight integration into your business processes.
  • Best-in-class scanning: capture paper and electronic document and convert hardcopy into the latest Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats.

eCopy PDF Pro Office is the smart desktop PDF companion to MFP scanning, enabling easy, yet powerful PDF creation, editing, conversion, and collaboration for maximum savings without compromise. It features more productive scanning, word processor-like editing, Cloud and document management connectivity, PDF security, compressed PDFs and Dragon® Notes and it dramatically improves business productivity.

  • Create, edit, and mark up industry-standard PDF files
  • Convert PDF to and from Office formats
  • Redact and highlight automatically with Advanced Search
  • Sign documents electronically
  • Compare document versions automatically
  • Convert and create forms
  • Connect with popular Enterprise Content Management solutions


GlobalScan NX makes it easier and more efficient than ever to integrate paper documents into a digital workflow, with simple ‘select and go’ buttons to scan directly to the desired location. Document processes are improved with next-generation scanning; productivity is raised by distributing, sharing and managing documents digitally; the ability to scan to editable file formats directly from MFP and to add security to pdfs provides still more flexibility and reassurance.

  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Accurate scanning directly into your document environment
  • Scan to editable file formats
  • Easy to customise and configure with ready-to-use tools
  • Add security to pdfs as you scan at the MFP
  • Versatile and flexible - GlobalScan NX can accommodate all business environments, from smaller companies to major organisations